Get Done

The Project

CareerFoundry UI Course Design Project 

The Get Done project gave me experience creating user Interface designs using Google Design principles.  I went from researching other to-do lists applications to creating final wireframes for a web responsive application

The Challenge

Get Done is a responsive web application that needed the conception,  and design of brand identity, UI elements, and user interfaces.

Key Goals:

• Research other applications that are already in the market

• Determine user flows to determine the overall flow of the application

• Iterate through several different phases of design wireframes

• Create branding and UI elements for final user interface designs

The Solution

Get Done is a responsive web application that will provide users with an easy way to create and share to-do lists with friends, family, and co-workers.

Tools & Techiques Used:

Pen and Paper - Sketches of First Designs

Balsamiq - Low/Grayscale Fidelity Wireframes

Sketch - Final Designs

Prototyping - Marvel, Prottapp, and Canvasflip


Table of Contents

01.Research Process

I examined several existing note taking apps already on the market and evaluated how they stored and shared task lists.

One Note

02. Sketching


The first step in my user interface design process is to sketch out the interface on paper. Sketching always allows me to create iterative design solutions quickly.  Coming up with design solutions at this point in the process is the less expensive and wastes the least amount of time. 

03. User Flows


Next, I create user flows showing how users will complete tasks.


Click the left and right arrows to view images

04. Low Fidelity Wireframes


Low-fidelity wireframes were created with Balsamiq. No color was added at this point as the emphasis is on understanding how the product will flow.

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05. High Fidelity Wireframes


Finally, the high fidelity wireframes/prototypes were created for mobile, tablet, and desktop. Prototypes simulate how the product will function once development is complete. 


08. Observations

Get Done was designed to do one thing - organize to do lists. In order to make sure the app did this well, it was important not to over cluttered the UI with unnecessary features.

What I learned:

• Following Google Design principles makes designing a beautiful UI very easy

• Don't clutter the UI with unnecessary bells and whistles - keeping it simple is best