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Ready to create a design experience that your customers love?

I am currently available for freelance and full time remote design position/opportunities.  If you interested in hiring me,  contact me.

I'm Tara-Lee York, a freelance UX/UI Designer from Fredericton, NB, Canada.  I believe that design is coming up with solutions to business problems /user needs, not just making another pretty interface.


How I Can Help You?



UX/UI Design

Are you looking to bring you custom web or mobile app to life. I can help your product create with complete UX/UI design process. We will start with research and end with UI designs that are ready to hand over to a developer.


UX/UI Design


Are you having trouble converting  potential customers and users? Are you struggling with low engagement and high churn rate? Do you have a high rate of checkout abandonment on your e-commerce website?


Branding &

Website Design

Your website is the homebase of your online presence – it’s on 24/7, it works when you don’t. Combined with a unique brand experience + custom brand design + website, you can convert your website visitors into paying clients/customers.