Find Your Path Website Design


Kave Bulambo and Laura Laura Gennrich the co-founders behind Find Your Path created a training program to help young professional find their unique career paths. 

The Challenge

Kave Bulambo and Laura Gennrich the co-founders behind Find Your Path wanted to create a training program to help young professionals to find their unique career paths.

Key Goals:

  • Allow student to register and access course material and submit assignments to their  professional industry specific career advisors
  • Create a job board for employer's to post jobs and allow student's to post their resume
  • Include a career quiz to help potential student understand where they are in their career journey.


The Solution

A responsive Wordpress website design with Divi theme.  The final website includes member's area for both their students and career advisors, a job board which includes a candidate and employer's dashboard.

The first step I took to creating Find your Path was creating a style guidelines for the website branding. This makes sure that all the look and feel of the website stays consistent.

The original site was a simple landing that linked to a survey to understand what Find Your Path potential customers wanted.

Style Guidelines

Style Guidelines

Original Site Wireframe

Original Site Wireframe

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