UX Design


Weather Away 

Skills: UX/UI Design


Create a mobile weather app that will provide users with a simple and engaging way to personalize weather forecasts to fit their lifestyle.


Weather Away was aimed at solving the problems that currently exist in weather mobile apps. 

The goals achieved by creating the app included:

  1. An easy to see weather forecast snapshot upon login to the app

  2. Provide settings for users to chose to be notified about severe weather, road closures, local closures, and resources of where to go for help in case of an emergency

  3. Provide calendar syncing


Hands_Multiple Devices.png

Hands App 

Skills: UX/UI Design


Come up with a solution to help solve the frustration of creative freelancers and business consultants who need to use multiple software solutions to run their business, which results in high monthly costs and wasted productivity.


A responsive web application that allows freelancers and business consultants to manage their business with one application. 

UI Design


Budget It 

Skills: UI Design


Create a simple to use budgeting app that allows user to easily track their monthly finances without bulky and unnecessary features.


An app for both Android and IOS users that will them to manage and track their monthly finances.


Get Done Desktop Gif.gif

Get Done 

Skills: UI Design


Create a simplified to do application using Google Material Design Principles.  

The Solution

Get Done is a responsive web application that will provide users with an easy way to create and share to-do lists with friends, family, and co-workers.

Website Design



MY Career Path

Skills: HTML, CSS, Website Design, Wordpress


Kave Bulambo the founder behind My Career Path wanted to create a training program to help people find their unique career paths.


My Career Path's project included responsive WordPress website design which includes a member's area for both their clients and career advisors, a job board, and an e-commerce store.


Skills: UX, Information Architecture, Website Design, Wordpress

The Challenge:

Findacure is a UK charity that develops the rare diseases community so that it is in a better position to drive research and develop treatments.

Findacure's website needed an update in design and better organization for their news, blog, and events.  Their previous website listed all these items on one long scrolling page.

The Solution:

. UX research was done to update and improve website’s information architecture and overall user experience. The final solution was a responsive Wordpress website with a much simpler navigation patterns and user flows.

Privy Berlin

Skills: Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Branding, Website Design

The Challenge

Privy Berlin Life Management is a Berlin-based company that offers life management, home and office cleaning, and maid training services. They needed an updated website, new brand identity and social media branding.

The Solution

Privy's Berlin final project included creating a new brand identity, social media channel branding and a responsive website design with WordPress.


Women Across Borders

Skills: Squarespace, Website Design


Women Across Borders is a non-profit based in South Africa to help refugee women gain new skills through education and start their own businesses.

Women Across Borders needed an update and refresh to their website. The old website was built with Ruby on Rails and a challenge to maintain. 


A responsive website design with Squarespace. This provided an easier way for the founders to update their content, add blog posts, and manage an online shop.