9 Reasons Why I Moved From Wordpress to Squarespace

I have been a huge fan of Wordpress for a long time. In fact, I would have never considered another platform until recently after having a real heart to heart chat with myself. I realized that I was wasting a lot of time and money which didn’t make good business sense.

As a designer, I am inclined to obsess over how my website looks and works. I was spending far too much time tinkering with my theme, diving into the code, buying and trying out new plugins. I still believe that Wordpress is an excellent option if your website requires very specific functionality that Squarespace doesn’t offer. 

Here are my 9 reasons why I moved from Wordpress to Squarespace.

1| Ease of Getting Started


You can easily take Squarespace for a spin.  Hop on over the Squarespace.com - click the free trial button and get started. They offer a 14 day trail. No credit card info required. Let’s be honest it’s not that easy with Wordpress. You have to find hosting, install Wordpress, get a domain, pick a theme, and install all your plugins. No free trials there.

2| Maintenance Made Easy

Squarespace does all the heavy lifting on this one. You never have to login to your site see that you have 10 theme and plugin updates. Wordpress maintenance is a huge pain!. This was one my biggest reason for switching. I didn’t like all the unnecessary money and time I was spending on updating, backing up, and keeping my site secure.

3| No Tech WIzardry Required

Squarespace was created for the non-techy person. The drag and drop editor makes putting a site together doable, even for beginners. You can easily add text, images, videos, and many other elements with just a click of your mouse.


Wordpress is known for its flexibility and functionally which is great if you really need it.  You are probably thinking, “I can figure it out Wordpress, really how hard is it?  If you are making a side by side comparison Wordpress' learning curve is going to much higher than Squarespace. It boils down to what is the most valuable use of your time - building a website or running your business?  I know what my answer was.  What’s yours?

4| Responsive and Mobile Friendly Right Out of Box

 According to this article in The Guardian, this is a must-have for your website!

More mobile devices are used to surf the web than desktops.

Squarespace templates are beautiful and responsive right out of the box.  You can preview how your website will look across all devices right from within your Squarespace backend.

5|  It’s A One Stop Shop

With Squarespace, you can have everything in one place - domain, hosting, templates or themes, website builder, and an ecommerce store. Let’s compare that to Wordpress where you will need to buy your domain from Godaddy or Namecheap, find a good hosting company, pay for a good theme, and find and install an e-commerce plugin - like Woocommerce.  

6| Great Support

Squarespace support is 24/7 and easy to get ahold of.  You can use their live chat when available or email them. When I have a problem with my website I want answers asap.  With Wordpress, this can present a challenge. It's likely you will need to contact both your hosting provider and the theme or plugin developer which will take you more time.

7| Blogging Made Easy

Blogging with Squarespace is very easy.  You can quickly add a blog page to your website.  A nice feature that Squarespace has is the ability to add multiple blogs to your website.


8| Simple E-commerce

Squarespace's e-commerce is simple to setup and manage. Just like your website, your products will also look great on mobile. It doesn't require you to install a plugin or any custom code to get your store up and running.  Squarespace allows for physical, digital products, or services to be sold in your online store. 


9| Straightforward Pricing

Pricing plans range from $12/month to $52/month. All plans include unlimited bandwidth, storage, pages, galleries, and blogs. They also include an e-commerce store, responsive website, website analytics, free SSL certificate and 24/7 customer support.  Learn more about their pricing plans here.

 Have I convinced to give Squarespace a test run? Let me know in the comments below any questions that you may have.