How To Create A Brand Design Inspiration Board With Pinterest



1| What's A Brand Inspiration Board?

Knowing where to start designing your brand can be daunting.  Especially, if you’re not a designer.  That’s why I am going to show you, step by step, how create a brand Design Inspiration Board with Pinterest.

An inspiration board is a collection of images, patterns, colors, and typography (fonts) that provides visual direction for your brand.

Using an inspiration board lets me and my clients visually be on the same wavelength before I start building out the logo and other brand assets.  It can do the same for you as you work on your own project.

Your brand design inspiration board is the starting point for brand concepts to take form visually. Creating your board sparks ideas for the design, style, tone, and mood for of your new brand identity and/or website.

While, I'm creating the logo, color and font palette and brand assets - blog graphics, business cards or a website. I will often refer to back to inspiration board to make sure that everything keeping consistent with the original vision.

2| Brand Personality Traits and Words

Before, we start diving into finding inspiration for your brand.  First, we need to have a jumping off point. This will be our brand personality traits and/or words.  Brand words define both the overall tone and style for your brand. 

I suggest you have 6 brand words to get started.  I use branding archetypes to help tap into brand personalities and build brand words. Each branding archetype has unique characteristics that allows you to get in touch with your brand personality quickly.  

Branding archetypes are the original work of  C.G. Jung.  He used them to identify patterns in the human psyche. In the book, The Hero and the Outlaw by Margaret Mark (Author), and Carol Pearson (Author).  They outlined a system to use archetypes to form brand personalities.

In the post, we are going to be using the Innocent Brand with a feminine twist to create an inspiration board for a fictional wedding event planner.  In this example, we have more six words, but that is fine. As we go through the process, we will naturally begin to narrow our ideas.

Here are the words for our brand:

  1. Feminine
  2. Soft
  3. Modern
  4. Airy
  5. Light/Minimal
  6. Pure/Simple


Want to know your brand personality?


3| Create A Secret Pinterest Board


Pinterest has hundreds of beautiful images that you can use to draw on for inspiration. Before, we can start pinning we need to do is create a secret board.  I like to keep my board private (secret) at least while I'm searching.  If you are working with designer or team member, you can add them to the board by putting in their email and clicking invite. 


4|  Get Pinning

Pin about 40 - 60 images to your secret board.  Get started searching by combining some of your brand words.  Go crazy and pin everything that appeals to you.  Don’t worry about analyzing what you are pinning  Let your creativity flow  We will narrow our focus and choices down later.

You can search for:

  1. Colors

  2. Images

  3. Patterns or Graphics

  4. Logos

  5. Fonts

  6. Mood or Brand Boards   

As you are searching, you are only looking for inspiration not to copy other brands.

Let's get started searching....

First, you use the categories that Pinterest has provided.  In the tutorial video, we searched "Weddings and Designs."


Second, you can search for design elements such as colors, mood boards, or patterns. Below, I have searched for light design mood boards.

Third, you can also search by using a combination of your brand words such as airy and light.

5| Install the Pinterest Browser Button 

Install the Pinterest browser button to add inspiration that you find from around the web. For instance, if you visit a website that you like you can pin it to your inspiration board.

You can also gather inspiration from stock photography sites:

Here are some feminine images on stocksky.


Design Seeds - you can search by collections or colors.  Choose the color that you want to explore by clicking on the color swatch.

Once, you have landed on the page click the pin button in your browser and a page of beautiful photos will appear for you to pin. 

6| Find Overall Themes 

 Once, you have finished compiling your design inspiration board.  It's time to narrow down our focus.   Look for an overall themes throughout your pins - colors, fonts, images, patterns, style, feel, or tone.

 For instance, we have several soft and warm tone colors such as pinks, greens, purples, and blues. This may be used as a starting point for our color palette.

Next, we can see that we have chosen several handwritten or scripted fonts that have a feminine feel and style. This could be used to inspire the logo or an accent font that is used throughout our new brand and website.

7| Organize Your Pins

Get started organizing the pins by creating sections within the board.   Sections you can break your board down into are:

  1. Your brand words
  2. Colors

  3. Fonts

  4. Patterns

  5. Photography or Images

Of course, you create any categories that you want. This is entirely up to you!  Below you can see how the board was organized for our wedding event planner.

7| Create Your Own Inspiration Board

Now that we have walked step by step how to create a Brand Design Inspiration Board.  I challenge you to take what you have learned and get started gathering inspiration for your next brand or website.